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Dedicated Protection

The dedicated protection concept. Seventrees designs security solutions for specific client sites that work by integrating dedicated protection personnel and technology. We follow these fundamental principles:
Assign the smallest practical number of carefully selected, well-compensated, highly trained protection professionals. Dedicate these personnel to the site and integrate them with the best available security technology to achieve maximum deterrent effect at efficient cost.
Minimize fixed posts and employ cameras, recorders, alarms and access control devices insofar as possible, as a moving protection officer is generally more effective and motivated than a stationary one. Never assign a person to a task that a security device can do better.
Utilize available security personnel to do what devices cannot – patrol, respond, investigate, protect and communicate. The skill and judgment of the protection professional is thus used to best effect.
Provide the protection professional with accurate, clear and comprehensive information, instructions and training to ensure top performance.

Choosing a Provider

Discerning clients select best-cost providers who assure quality service and consistent professionalism. Seventrees believes that there are no more than four management processes that distinguish security service providers from one another. We work continuously to improve the Seventrees organization and its resources and methods in each of these areas:

1. How the protection personnel     assigned to the project are recruited,     selected and retained.

2. How thoroughly and frequently these     personnel are trained.

3. How professionally they are     uniformed and equipped.

4. How the activities of the protection     officers are supported and directed     by supervisors and managers.

Operations Center
Seventrees experience shows that the most effective management of dedicated security projects requires a 24-hour operations center to remain in contact with all field operations units. The Seventrees operations center collects, documents, organizes and disseminates information, providing coordination and communication between on-site officers and their supervisors, as well as designated client contact personnel and emergency responders.

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