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Seventrees Corporation hires dedicated individuals to join our staff of investigators and protection professionals. To apply, send us your name, postal and electronic mail addresses and contact telephone numbers as directed on this page, and we will send you an application form.
Seventrees is an employer offering equal opportunity in the truest sense. Race, sex, age, religion, national origin and other extraneous factors are not considered in hiring or advancement decisions; our only interests are the integrity, capability and performance of the individual.
While previous experience in our field will be considered, some of our finest professionals have come to us from other walks of life and received their training and experience with Seventrees.
Members of the National Guard and military reserves, as well as honorable discharged veterans of military service are encouraged to apply.
Call 269-925-8111, to inquire if positions are available, or fax your resume
to 269-925-8981

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