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Crossroads Training Academy
Seventrees Advisory Services
Seventrees Corporation: a provider of special security and corporate intelligence and investigation services in the central United States since 1983, to major corporations, small businesses, government agencies, and health, educational and financial institutions.
Dedicated Protection Projects - Seventrees designs security solutions for specific client sites that work by integrating dedicated protection personnel and technology.
Intelligence & Investigations - In a 21st century world driven by information, business decision makers rely upon accurate, timely, comprehensive intelligence acquisition and analysis.
Mobile Patrol - Seventrees conducts mobile security patrol operations with uniformed, armed, radio-dispatched, highly trained professional protection officers at all hours.
Threat Management Projects - Seventrees understands the need for risk-taking, and works to identify and manage threats to the people, property, intellectual assets and orderly business environments of its clients.

Training Services - It is fundamental Seventrees doctrine to empower and enable organizations and individuals to protect themselves and for these reasons, Seventrees is heavily invested in training resources and alliances.

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