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Protective Intelligence & Investigations
The global intelligence concept.  In a 21st century world driven by information, business decision makers rely upon accurate, timely, comprehensive intelligence acquisition and analysis. The Seventrees Protective Intelligence and Investigations Sections have joined with Research Associates International to create a global matrix of information sources, investigators and consultants to conduct crucial research and discreet inquiries.
Corporate risk analysis.  Seventrees Protective Intelligence Section conducts comprehensive physical security surveys identifying vulnerability, assessing risk and providing reasonable, effective recommendations for threat management and countermeasures. The global matrix assists and facilitates crisis management, contingency and business continuity planning.
Corporate intelligence acquisition. Seventrees Protective Intelligence and Investigations Sections conduct due diligence inquiries to support decision making for mergers and acquisitions, selection of overseas joint venture partners, and the hiring of key personnel. The global matrix of resources provides reports on security and business conditions in countries and regions around the world, as well as critical commercial information.
Occupational fraud investigation. A 1998 study suggests that US companies lose approximately six percent of total annual revenues to fraud and abuse. Seventrees Investigations Section pursues fraudulent claims, employee theft, inappropriate business relationships, product diversion, asset tracing and forensic accounting.
Database searches.  Seventrees Investigations Section has search engine capability and a network of resources to explore the vast array of information sources available to the 21st century investigator. These searches support field investigators in areas such as personnel background inquiries, threat management and asset tracing.
Litigation support.  Seventrees Investigations Section supports corporate legal counsel in protecting the legal positions and rights of clients before and during court proceedings.

Protection of intellectual property. Seventrees Investigations Section and its global matrix of resources protect competitive intelligence, trademark rights, and research and development efforts.

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