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Research Associates International Ltd. Theodore G. Shackley, president of RAI and former Associate Deputy Director of Operations of the United States Central Intelligence Agency, has built one of the most powerful and extensive networks of investigators and security professionals in the world. Areas of particular strength are Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.

Hill & Associates (Americas) Inc. Run by Jerry Glazebrook, former security director to Dr. Henry Kissinger, and headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, Hill & Associates (Americas) serves clients throughout North and South America.

William P. Breen & Associates. Founded by Bill Breen, former tactical operations chief of the US Treasury Department Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, Breen & Associates specializes in forensic accounting, asset tracking, and due diligence investigations worldwide.

International Security Management, Inc. Noel Koch, president of ISM, served in the Reagan and Bush administrations as chief of international security affairs at the Pentagon. ISM is the parent company of Transecur.

Nicholson Group. Organized by the former chief of special operations of the US Department of Energy, Transportation Safeguards Group with responsibility for managing the vulnerability of nuclear weapons in transit, this group provides unmatched consulting in risk evaluation. Mr. Nicholson now serves on the faculty of the Federal Bureau of Investigations Academy.

Pearson Behavioral Consultants. Dr. David Pearson, the president of PBC, is the developer of the Pearson Attitudinal Index, regarded by many as the most valid and reliable personal evaluation tool available. He serves as a consultant in human resources and behavioral evaluation to corporate and government clients.

International Interviewing and Interrogation, LLC. Operated by current and former investigators and interrogators of the CIA, III conducts intensive training and consults in behavior assessment, strategic interviewing and elicitation.

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