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The threat management concept. Businesses in the global marketplace of the 21st century must take risks, but they should never take chances. Seventrees understands the need for risk-taking, and works to identify and manage threats to the people, property, intellectual assets and orderly business environments of its clients. The protection professionals of the Seventrees Intervention Group deter harm, loss, compromise and interruption by providing special security services:
Executive and dignitary protection. Advance planning and preparation, protective intelligence, executive briefings, surveillance detection, attack recognition and avoidance, close protection, secure transportation and a network of local service providers throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Americas, are managed discreetly and effectively by Seventrees to facilitate the process of business.
Workplace violence intervention. The Seventrees four-step, team-based approach to managing situations with the potential for violence in the workplace has been taught to business leaders and tactical security and law enforcement personnel from coast to coast. Direct intervention teams assist in high-risk terminations and similar events.
Transition services. Seventrees is especially skilled in the sensitive management of security during difficult events such as plant closings, workforce reductions, and the transition of regular security forces.
Business continuity services. Strikes and other labor disputes, civil disturbances, and natural and man-made disasters threaten to disrupt critical business processes. Seventrees integrates with corporate crisis management plans, managing security during these difficult circumstances through meticulous organization, careful selection of personnel, and intensive supervision so as to enable continuity efforts.
Special assets protection. Seventrees brings the same skills and methods employed for the protection of dignitaries to its approach to the security of priceless works of art, substantial quantities of cash and negotiable items, and other commodities whose value implies risk.

Transportation and logistics safeguards. Both people and commodities are at increased risk when they travel. The Seventrees network of world-class resources can assure safe transportation within countries and across borders around the world.

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