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Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response

The mobile patrol concept. Seventrees conducts mobile security patrol operations with uniformed, armed, radio-dispatched, highly trained professional protection officers at all hours. Large corporations, small businesses, government agencies, and health, educational and financial institutions find that custom-designed programs of thorough protective patrol inspections create security solutions that work. Seventrees patrols are flexible and innovative, and they represent an intelligent balance between cost and deterrent effect.

Operations Center

Seventrees experience shows that the most effective approach to patrol management is achieved through a 24-hour operations center. The Seventrees operations desk is staffed around the clock to provide information management, hourly checks for officer safety, and routine and urgent communications between patrol units and supervisors, alarm monitoring stations, designated client contact personnel, and emergency responders.

Services Available

Seventrees patrol programs are custom-designed to assure that the business and security needs of each client are met – before, during or after regular hours. Frequently requested services include:Perimeter patrols. Check to assure that exterior doors and windows are closed, locked and intact. Observe grounds and parking areas for intruders and unauthorized persons.

Interior tours. Walk-through inspections of the interior of protected premises to check for security threats and fire hazards. Determine that all personnel have left and alarm systems are armed and functioning.

Industrial equipment monitoring. Check heating, ventilating and cooling equipment. Monitor temperatures, pressures and other critical industrial equipment operations. Take corrective action as directed.

Employee safety. Check on the safety of arriving, departing or after-hours personnel. Respond to calls for emergency assistance.

Escorts. Accompany personnel at risk during transportation of cash and high-value items.

Openings and closings. Lock and unlock gates and doors at the start and end of designated hours.

Alarm response. Dispatched instead of client personnel to investigate intrusion, fire, duress and industrial equipment alarms. Provide access to police, fire and medical emergency responders. Take appropriate corrective action, make required notifications, and reset alarms.

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