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Crossroads Training Academy
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Training Services
The training service concept. Seventrees continuously trains its protective and investigative personnel. In addition, it is fundamental Seventrees doctrine to empower and enable organizations and individuals to protect themselves. For these reasons, Seventrees is heavily invested in training resources and alliances.
Crossroads Training Academy. The principals of Seventrees also operate Crossroads Training Academy, offering training programs in defensive and evasive driving techniques and related security skills for traveling executives and dignitaries, their protective details, and other security drivers.
Workplace violence prevention and management. Seventrees conducts seminars in avoidance and mitigation of violent episodes in the workplace. Our programs, developed in conjunction with the Nicholson Group of Quantico, Virginia and with International Assessment Services, a consortium of police psychologists based in San Diego, have been offered from coast to coast. Incident management simulation exercises are also offered with IAS.
Threat assessment and management. Seventrees partners with Gavin de Becker Associates to present intermediate and advanced courses in assessment and management of threatening and aberrant behavior. Private organizations and governmental agencies alike use De Becker methodology and the MOSIAC computer-driven threat evaluation program. Mr. de Becker’s recent best-selling books include The Gift of Fear, Protecting the Gift and Fear Less.
Interview and interrogation skills. Seventrees hosts training programs in non-coercive interview and interrogation techniques presented by International Interview and Interrogation, LLC, an organization of senior members of the US government intelligence community.
Cultural diversity in global security management. Seventrees presents workshops with HCL Enterprises of Washington, D.C., to prepare security managers and executive protectors for greater effectiveness in culturally diverse worldwide security environments.

Uniformed security forces. Seventrees trains professional protection officers in professional uniformed security skills and techniques using the resources of experienced instructors; handbooks, handout material and lesson notes, as well as selected video material.

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